Thursday, February 4, 2010


Here are some incredible songs that I am currently in love with. Some of them I have loved for years and years, and still love them just as much as the first time I heard them. Incredible.

"Green and Gray" - Nickel Creek
I am not a country fan, but I really like bluegrass. Especially Nickel Creek! The song above has been a favorite for many years. I can always identify with it. Here is a new favorite that I just found by them. It is completely's called "Doubting Thomas".

"Breaking" and "Dismantle. Repair." - Anberlin
"You make stealing hearts look so easy"....I've grown to love every single album from this band. They have a special place in my heart! Both songs are incredible.

"Until I'm Fine", "Live For Real", and "My Heart" - K's Choice
You probably know this band from their early 90's hit "Not an Addict" (c'mon I KNOW you know it). They have such an amazing discography behind them. I got to meet Sarah Bettens once at a show and I physically cried. I've never done that before. I just love her voice and music so much. Check out those 3 songs.

"Pretend You're Alive" - Lovedrug
"So fall in love while you can still hold your head up high, and pretend that you're alive again"...This band never made it big, but they have been a favorite of mine since about 2005. If you have never heard them....GO LISTEN!

"Brightest", "When Paula Sparks" - Copeland
I've basically been listening to the same cds over and over again since 2005, but that was a great time in my life and a time of musical discovery for me. This is one of the great bands I found back then!

"Escapist" - Brandtson
Another elusive band from 2005....but what a song. Always songs I can identify with!

What songs are you in love with??

I'm too loyal, and too be losing and be hopeless...

So I haven't updated in a really loooong time! I'll give you the short run-down with a few pictures :)

The holidays were wonderful this year...the highlight being our party with my dad's side of the family on the day after Christmas! His cousins are insane, along with my own cousins!
                                                                   My sister and I!

COUSIN SHOTS!! This happened way too many times to count!

My cheerleading season turned out absolutely fabulous! My little middle school team had 7 competitions, and we ended up winning five! They came in last place at every competition last year (I was not their coach), so they were so happy to win and so proud of what they could do! I was just as proud as they were!
This was our first stunt series, the side girls were in the middle of moving.

This was the end of stunt round! If I can find a way I will put a video up sometime!

Proud coaching moment! Getting my kids warmed up for stunt round.

Besides that, things have been going well! I was really busy with school and cheerleading up until about a week ago. I've also found some time to go out and enjoy myself....finally!

I am really excited to get back to blogging! I've gotten sick of facebook and I'd rather spend my time writing meaningful posts (or not-so-meaningful ones as well!) rather then aimlessly messing around on there. 

How has everyone been??? Mad love to Karina for linking me on her blog! :)