Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week of Change

More like "month of change"...but roll with it...

Last weekend my lovely car (2005 Ford Escape Limited) decided to die on me. I've had this car since college, and I love it. However when I found out that I would have to pay $1,500 to get it fixed, I decided that I would be better off getting a new car. I had 120,000 miles on it, and who knows how long it would have lasted. I was in a pickle of sorts, because my awesome boyfriend works for Ford, but other dealers were offering better incentives.

This is a picture of my lovely Escape (RIP)

So after some talking with the boy, he was ok with me looking at other brands. Really, I didn't want to be in the dog house for buying a non-Ford car. ANYWAYS, I was looking at the Dodge Journey (since I am a brat and have to have an SUV)...but it felt too big and everyone said it looked like a minivan. See for yourself:

(It kind of does)

After driving the car and getting prices, I asked Smitty (only the best car salesman I've ever met! Oh yeah he's the ONLY one I've met...) if I could just see the Jeep Patriot that I was looking at online. It sounded amazing (heated seats, remote start, touch screen media center, good gas mileage...) and I just wanted to see what it was like. As soon as he drove up with it, I was in loooove! It was very similar to my Escape, but it was cheaper than a new Escape. With that being said, I definitely picked the jeep! 
 My new car!!!!!!!
Also, my phone plan was up for renewal recently and it was time for a new phone! I don't really have much use for a smart phone, so I always go with the free phones. All I need to make me happy is a keyboard so I can text easily :). So I also got a new phone this week.

Now...I have a hard time dealing with change. But I can say that these two changes were good ones! I felt good about both of them. Aside from all of that, not too much is new! I just finished up my competitive cheer season with my middle schoolers, and now I have more time on my hands! Here is what I plan on doing with it:

  1. Reading more books
  2. Start drawing and painting again
  3. Spend time with the boy
  4. Job hunt!!!
  5. Visit the bestest on the other side of the state
I am trying really hard to get a full-time contracted teaching job. I love my job that I have now, but it is not guaranteed from year to year, and we don't get benefits. It will be really sad to leave Southgate if I find something, but I really need to have a contracted job. When I get one, I will be the happiest I have ever been! Things have been going great and I can't wait to add that piece to the puzzle. My sister just got a contracted job, so there is hope!

How are y'all!!!
<3 Lo