Tuesday, June 12, 2012

10 Things I Would Tell My 16-Year Old Self!!

I know that I always wish I could go back and change things...I'm sure EVERYONE does...but some of these things would have been beneficial to know 13 years ago!! (Man I'm getting so oldddd):

10. Get better grades!  You were capable of so much more, and could have gotten a scholarship if you would have applied yourself more.

9. AP classes, although tough, are more important than being Office Aide.

8. The Moffatts will break up in 2001. (Yes I know they are brothers...but brothers can break up haha) This will change a lot of things for you but it has helped you gain a whole new family, who will be stuck with you forever! So enjoy every trip and every second of each concert. You will be devastated when it’s over. (I was…I cried for weeks and people thought my family had died or something haha)

7. A website will be invented where you will be able to see everyone after high school, even if you aren’t interested in seeing them. It’s called Facebook. And it will prevent you from going to your 10-year reunion because you already know what everyone is up to. And this makes you relieved, because you still live at home and that’s something you don’t want to announce to the world. HA! Maybe 15 will be more inviting.

6. Don’t take your time with people for granted. Some of them won’t make it past 25, so enjoy every waking moment you spend with them. RIP Scott (my first boyfriend ever) and RIP Ryan (my senior BFF and prom date).

5. Don’t be ashamed to be different. Yes, the boys in your grade are going to make fun of you for loving Hanson and the Moffatts. Yes, they are going to write obsessively about it in your yearbook. But those will be some of the greatest times/memories of your life, and none of those people can take THAT away from you.

4. One day you will be more confident in your own skin. Although confidence has always been a struggle, I can’t remember a time when I felt less sure about myself. The “GI Bubble” was never comfortable for me, which is why a lot of my friends during my teenage years were from other cities. I never fit the mold at GIHS…but I fit in with so many other people.

3. Forgive and forget. You have always been good at this, but it will be important to remember after senior year when you lose some of your best friends over some stupid boys. It won’t last forever, but it’s a tough time. Luckily you will make lots of new friends in college.

2. Your attitude can make a world of difference. I tend to be pessimistic about things and get down on myself easily. Attitude really does change things, and that's something I always need to remember.

1. Your best years are still ahead of you! College ended up being the most spectacular time of my life. I had lots of friends, people liked me, and I did well in school. IT GETS BETTER!!


Tabetha Lynn

I love you!!!

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